Bimaks International School, ljagbo (BIS) is a co-educational institution that operates both day and Boarding facilities. It is located in a serene and conducive environment.

In the school context indiscipline is the behaviours usually classified as act of indiscipline, bad behaviour which include: stealing, dishonesty, sex offences, disobedience, truancy, assault insult, drug offence, wickedness, rudeness to teachers, mass demonstration and rudeness (Nwana 1971). In other words it referred to the total absence of discipline.
Williams J. Gnasey in the psychology of discipline in the classroom (1971) listed five grounds on which our judgments are behavioural deviance in school are based. These are:

  1. Moral considerations (such as lying cheating) e.t.c.
  2. Personal consideration (such as rudeness, disobedience, shoco off, or challenge to the armor proper of a higher authority
  3. Legal consideration – truancy fighting, falsification of records.
  4. Safety consideration smoking, bulling, possession of dangerous weapons or unallowed materials.
  5. Educational consideration lateness, truancy, inattention in class, striking of class, assignment, care free and careless attitude to work, examination malpractice and other forms of cheating at examination.
  6. Social consideration use of foul language, defecing or outright destruction of school properties, wickedness of seniors or juniors.

What offences or the breach of which rules and regulations will be considered disciplinary problems in our school. This will be breaking of Bimaks International School rules and regulations for all students

a. General rules: The school rules and regulation of Bimaks International School are binding on all students and must be strictly followed.
b. Rules in the classroom
c. Dormitory rules and regulation
d. Library rules and regulation
e. Laboratory rules and regulation
f. Dressing rules and regulation

There are uniform specification for students. All students must dress according to the approval pattern of dress, use of tie and head warmer.

Appropriate belt, tie and head warmer to be worn with uniform pattern and name has incase of any misplacement. The authorized cardigan should be put on in the school premises with school socks or white socks and black shoe.

Appropriate ear-ring, school or white socks and head warmer should be put on by all female student. The skirt should be loose enough and to knee length. The skirt should be according to specification.
School cardigan authorized should be worn by all students.
Dormitory wear and sport wear should be of approved standard and approved cheque for dormitory wear.
There should not be any make up or wearing of jeweler or any form of decorative objects in the school
The hair style for each week must strictly be maintained by all female student that plait their hair.
Cleanliness of body and surroundings should be maintain
Honesty should be encouraged and maintained.