BIMAKS boarding facility caters for students who require such facility. The students are expected at the school at the beginning of the term and only at the end of the term or only during special break, holidays based on management decision.
We have both boys and girls hostels that are supervised by a mature adult of proven integrity who will see to all aspects of hostel life including discipline and spiritual upliftment. Students are expected to bring any game items or musical instrument like guitar, piano e. t. c. Electronic gadgets and telephones are highly prohibited, parents should adhere strictly to this.
Parents/Guardians are allowed to visit their children or child twice a term during visiting days. They are to hold interactive session with teacher’s as well as to access their children progress.
The school is basically on foods eaten in Nigeria and it is prepared under hygienic condition. The meal is usually supervised by the matron and checked by the proprietress and the hostel parents.
Parents are to give their children pocket money based on their discretion. It is necessary that students cannot keep their money themselves. They are expected to hand over such money to their hostel parents.
Students are free to come along with moderate provision. They can take such in between meal and once in a while.
All requirements are on the check list at the beginning of the term. This is usually checked at the beginning of each term as any student without the complete list shall not be allowed into the hostel.
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