Good day to the proprietress, the principal, the school management, the teachers my fellow prefects and students.
Let me start by enlightening you what helped me so far, A wise man once said “the greatest journey in life begin with the smallest steps”. The small step through the gate of BIMAKS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL back in 2016. On my very first day in BIS, I told myself “I’m not joining any society and I’m going to enjoy myself in secondary school”. And yes I did exactly that.
Success is built in the number of failures and not counted on the number of perfection. As the motto of the school implies “Towards Perfection”. From fallen and rising I learnt each day and I can tell you that BIMAKS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a place to actualize dreams. However I concur to this say which says “Not everything that counts is counted and not everything that counted is count.
Use this moment to redeem your future and this future to redeem your destiny. I think that one of this great things in Bimaks International School is that it provides an environment in which our mistakes aren’t allowed to define us, but in which we are encouraged to persevere until we got it right. I believe it’s said that we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our success. I am certainly not advocating making mistakes, but it’s saying that lurge BIS to consider, because it’s only if you have the confidence to fail that you can ever hope to succeed in the longer term.
Lastly, with all my heart, I would like to thank my parents for paving the right pathway for me to walk on, to lead me to extraordinary school where my great journey of self-discovery and self development begone.
Thank you

It has to be said that putting together what I want to say today has proved to be one of the hardest things I have to do. It is so difficult to sum up what has been a roller coarser of a journey for us all at BIMAKS. Whether you started at the very beginning, whether you joined us later, whether you belong to my category of being in the school all my life. Undoubtedly this school is a family and Mrs. Makanjuola, our surrogate Mom. She indeed is one of the best in which you can find.
To try and talk about all the things that we have been through, done and achieved together is a tough task. 6 years done and disted, how time flies made it easy as if it were 6 days. Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success all which we achieved, all thanks to Almighty Allah and to the diligent work of our teachers in the school.
I can only be here today humbled by the opportunities, I have been giving the nurture and care that I have rteceived from this school. At first, I couldn’t comprehend how this school would greatly influence me. Here I am, trying to find the right words to say good bye to what is familiar to us, to our comfortable home in this rather, special place as we all go seek new opportunities.
BIMAKS relies on what I call the pillars of achievement, these are academics, culture, sports, technology, leadership, outreach and service. Believe me when I say BIMAKS is constantly growing and excelling in all these areas. But it is our connectedness, our harmony, joyfulness and friendships that from the rest of this institution, the foundations on which predecessors have laid and we are building the pillars upon.
Thank you to BIMAKS for guiding us to the right path and keepi8ing us straight, thanks to our parent for performing their duties, right on education. Special thanks to Mrs. Anifowose, my Mom, Mr. Anifowose, my dad who is already late and Mrs. Makanjuola thank you for being with me through the storm and my heart goes to my friends also, we couldn’t all have made it without each other. Let us all prepare for the adventures ahead for we all have been etched in each others heart. All endings are inexorably tied to new beginnings, that’s the nature of the journey and we should all know that “the future started yesterday, we’re already late. I pray this school keeps on growing.
Thank you
Head Girl
Anifowose O. Selamah

What is a Library and Who is a Library Prefect?
A defender of the Library
A library is a unique place where books are kept, indexed and referenced for easy access. It can well be said to be a place where added knowledge could be sought in addition to the classroom teacher impacted knowledge. Be that as it may, absolute silence is expected in a library to enhance profound knowledge acquisition.
For a library to be optimally functional therefore, it requires the presence of a librarian. As a matter of fact, handling a library demands a lot more attention and professionalism. It feels cool though it entails thorough supervision and consistency. This is the simple truth.
As a student who aspires to be school library Prefects, you are required to have the basic knowledge of book keeping and organization your craving for reading and acquiring knowledge constitute a good promise to handle a library with finesse even when you are not a seasoned librarian.
In that wise, when you seen a boy or girl who’s glaring at you when you know you’ve been a bit too loud or you see a girl scanning the shelves, making sure that even book is in its correct position, then it tells you what librarian’s job entails. The above mentioned and much more are involved in being a library prefect.

Are you in SS 2 or SS 3 and love to save, then Guess.
What will be your role?
Every prefect will be scheduled to serve in various areas such as cuculation desk, assisting with request from students and you’ll also be assigned a particular section of the library that will be your responsibility to care. The following functions amongst others are therefore expected of a school library prefect

  1. Promote the purpose of the library to students
  2. Mobilize support for activities and events
  3. Report various action to the members of staff
  4. Assist in the various operations e.g. preparing and mounting of displays and taking photos etc
  5. Updating the library’s blog and social network preserve etc A person applying to become a library prefect must ………………….
  6. Understand that a library prefect is a volunteer or an official helper (you are not a member of staff, so don’t confuse the roles)
  7. It is your duty to assist students with finding researchers
  8. Assist in maintaining a level of order and discipline
  9. Maintain as top priority the tidiness of the shelving
  10. Be proactive ….remember you are the initiator of change. Olabamiji Ifeoluwa Library Prefect 1